Children’s Cancer Fund of NM

Since 1972, the Children’s Cancer Fund of New Mexico, (CCFNM) works to assure that every child in New Mexico who is diagnosed with cancer receives the resources necessary to ensure that they have access to the best possible care for their physical, emotional and financial well-being.  Each year, more than 300 children with cancer and their families are supported by CCFNM. 

One example is the Artist in Residence program.  Current artist Angus MacPherson, provides opportunities for children with cancer to create and experience art during and after their treatments.  The art experience is a fabulous distraction to the child’s oncology sessions.  The CCFNM’s tutoring program understands that many children miss valuable classroom instruction due to doctor appointments and treatments.  CCFNM’s mission is to ensure that children with cancer who are unable to attend school are able to return to school at their same level of achievement

Each day, the prize program provides prizes, toys or gift cards to children to minimize their trauma from painful treatments. Many children enter the clinic in tears and leave with some comfort, knowing that there are those who care when selecting a prize from the shelves.

The helping hands program ensures that all family’s needs are met by assisting with transportation, rent, food, clothing, wigs, counseling and funeral expenses if needed.

Since 1989, the Erin Trujeque Memorial Scholarship fund has awarded children who have been diagnosed and received treatment at New Mexico Pediatric oncology treatment facility with a 4 yesr undergraduate scholarship and a 2 yesr graduate scholarship to the college of their choice. Erin Trujeque died of cancer in 1985 at the age of 12. His scholarship fund now sees these young adults return to their homes as doctors and civic leaders prepared to give back to their communities.

Additionally, since 2017, Erin’s Place was established to give a home away from home for kids with cancer and their families.  Albuquerque is the only location with pediatric oncology care in the state of New Mexico. Erin’s Place provides a temporary home for families with medical needs as well as pediatric hospice care when it is not available in their hometown. CCFNM and Erin’s Place provide a place where those who are facing childhood cancer can experience joy in the midst of their journey.